Update on contest III – At Road’s End

7 03 2009

Se pare ca aici se termina mica mea aventura in competitia de public speaking organizata de ESU Romania. Cu un loc 2 in semi-finala nationala aventura mea se termina. Pot spune ca a fost un concurs interesant si am avut multe de invatat fiind primul meu concurs de public speaking. Am multe idei pentru anul viitor si sper sa ma descurc mult mai bine, am sperante si asteptari foarte mari.

Daca va tot aduceti aminte va tot abuream ca o sa va arat si speech-ul meu. Ei bine a sosit timpul sa imi arat creatia care a fost premiata cu locul 2 in semi-finala nationala.
Inainte de toate vreu sa spun ca speech-ul meu a fost un tribut adus marelui comic american George Carlin, cel mai mare comic al tuturor timpurilor in opinia mea.

Acum speech-ul in varianta text:

Mother Nature – Simply Surprising

Hello everyone. I know that most of you have better things to do then to attend to this lousy contest so I will get straight to business.
Have you ever heard of Mother Nature?
Of course you did, how foolish of me to ask such a question.
Here’s another one: What is Mother Nature?
I’ll tell you, Mother Nature is a common representation of nature that focuses on the life-giving and nurturing features of nature by embodying it in the form of the mother.
Well, I like to imagine Mother Nature as that old grandma with loads of kids and grandchildren that has seen a lot in her life and has a solution for everything.
In addition, yes grandma knows best.
Now let me tell you a story: Long time ago, a huge boulder from space slammed into Earth. Moreover, it seemed (small pause) that life was gone. However, many small creatures did escape because nature gave them the chance to survive and they were sheltered or they were under water. Following the impact the majestic dinosaurs perished. Some might say that those annoying little creatures that survived could not possibly repopulate the Earth, but they can’t be more wrong. Our dear Mother Nature has a tool to restore life and even make it better.
She used Evolution as her weapon of choice and those pesky creatures turned out into the creatures that we see today on Earth. Of course, we skipped like 60 million years of boring evolution.
Now let us look at this from another angle it is a fact that over 90% of the species that have ever lived on earth have gone extinct, we didn’t killed them all, they’ve just disappeared, some of them like dinosaurs have gone extinct long before nature had even got the chance to start working on the highly sophisticated man. Nature is getting rid of the species that are no longer needed and replaces them with new species. Species are getting extinct at a rate of 25 per day regardless of our behavior, that’s what nature does.
The point is that nature is ready to lick its wounds and repair itself. Either the wound is self-generated, like that big asteroid, or most recent MAN inflicted.
She has to work twice as harder to repair the damage made by us. For now nature strikes back as much as she can, we can see the effects of nature’s offensive as major floods, landfalls, huge storms and drought. Learning how to cooperate with the nature should be our main objective. Some people work against nature, as I saw once on the News some people in Hawaii have actually built their homes near a live volcano and were wondering why they have hot lava in their living room.
For now nature seems to be just fine, well apart from the holes in the ozone layer and maybe the global warming, but that’s not a big issue anyway. What could possible go wrong? Well maybe we might get fried with UV rays if the hole in the ozone layer gets bigger or we could get drowned if the sea level rises due to global warming but I don’t think that will happen anytime soon.
Regardless of what happens to us the planet and Mother Nature will be just fine. They’ve been here for at least 4.5 billion years, we’ve been here what? A hundred thousand? Maybe two hundred thousand and we have only been engaged with heavy industry for a little over two hundred years therefore I think we are only a danger for ourselves, our actions may only cause our extinction. The planet isn’t going anywhere, we are. Planet will be here, we’ll be long gone, because nature can rebuild the planet.
I am ready to say that we only need to take care of ourselves. If we make too much trash, mother nature will send us on a journey with no return. The planet is all mighty and powerful and has already started to shake us off like a bad case of fleas. The planet will be here for a long, long, long time after we are gone and it will heal itself because it’s a self correcting system. Still many questions remain unanswered, but we will save those for another time.

Have a good day everyone and take care of Mother Nature.


Update on Contest II !

28 02 2009

Desi eram contat cu foarte mici sanse de reusit, am izbandit sa ajung la faza nationala a concursului International Public Speaking Competition, 2009 care va avea loc pe date de 6 martie la Bucuresti.
Dupa lupte „seculare” cu morile de vant si cu fraudele din Romania bazate pe nepotism si pe cine baga mai mult in buzunar, am reusit sa obtin locul 2 care mi-a permis sa merg mai departe. Chiar daca aceasta etapa sta sub semnul intrebarii, deoarece organizatoarea este si profesoara la un liceu din constanta ai carui elevi vor participa, dupa cum era de asteptat, la ultima faza a competitiei. Si sper sa nu va mire ca anul trecut concursul a fost castigat de un elev al acelui liceu din Constanta. Cred cu tarie ca voi inota impotriva curentului dar cum eu nu sunt obisnuit sa pierd voi da tot ce am eu mai bun in mine. Ma bazez pe principiul: „Daca tot am ajuns pana aici de ce sa ma dau batut?”. Ramane de vazut ce se va intampla!